Verity is the most comprehensive training solution for emergency response and crisis rehearsal training. Local, state, and federal agencies, as well as a broad range of emergency management staff in a variety of sectors and industries rely on Verity to improve communications, refine contingency plans and procedures, and enhance performance. No matter what the natural or man-made disaster, Verity provides a way to realistically portray the scenario and environment to rehearse the response.

Verity is an Emergency and Disaster Management software program that provides interactive digital tabletop exercises that realistically account for the time, space, and resources available. Verity is flexible and scalable, and also allows for multiple agencies, organizations or companies to interact and assess their response capabilities.

What Makes
Verity Unique?

Verity’s unique features and capabilities include a generic web-based constructive simulation creation tool and execution environment, ESRI runtime integration, GIS mapping capability, as well as a robust reporting of logistics and casualty data.

Verity is fully equipped to handle the disaster preparedness needs of government agencies and commercial industries that require highly scalable simulation and rehearsal capabilities.

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